Mainstreet Hospitality

Emerging Brands & New Markets

Emerging Brands & New Markets



Restaurants. Franchise & Licensing. Business Development. Efficiencies. P&L.

Specialists with restaurant chains, early stage or mid-market restaurant brands, preparing restaurant companies to be a legacy with consumers and stakeholders.

QSR, fast casual, take-out, dining we’ve done it from start-up navigated critical growth stages, through up’s and down’s of economic change.

We offer advisory services to restaurant start-ups , mid-market restaurant companies and chain restaurants on management structures, operations, financial modeling, growth plans, strategy, implementation.

You choose our role it can be diverse from all inclusive to stages based on your personal business style or project.

When you’re ready for that next stage with your brand or restaurant company to being the industry and market leader, we’re here for you.

Being in business for yourself doesn’t mean it has to be by yourself.

Reach out to us, it happens together!

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